If you choose to perform a web search based on my real name, realize that it is a fairly common name that I myself have never used on the web. Thus, none of the info found this way actually refers to me.

I have an email address: kyzentun{near}gmail{of}com. This also functions as as Google Chat account (not talk, since gaim doesn't support voice and I don't have a microphone anyway).

I also have a YIM account, I use kyzentun as my name there too, of course.
I also now have a jabber account, thanks to Solra. kyzentun {near} tejat {of} net
With all these contact methods, my online status means nothing. My computer is always on, and gaim is always logged in. Send your message no matter what it says about my status, and I'll reply as soon as I see it.
If you do have to leave before I respond, leave some form of contact info if you want a reply. Don't leave a phone number, as I have a peculiar phobia of calling people, and will be unable to call you.
When the number of people who talk to me gets too high for me to count on one hand, I'll consider setting away message and such. Until then, just assume I'm active, but don't expect me to respond any time soon.

Contact Info

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