These are the programs that I have written over the last 5 years using Emacs for code editing and gcc for building.
They're split into two groups, projects, which are large and intended to be used multiple times, and experiments, which are small, usually written to do only a single thing, and sometimes, only written to see if something builds/works in the expected way.
Warning to people intending to use/port my code/programs: I tend to assume that I am the only person that will use my code/programs, until I am convinced this is not the case, this assumption will continue to be made.
So, the only documentation for them is the source code, or asking me, so that I have a clue what needs to be part of the documentation. However, I think the code is reasonably well structured, so figuring out how something works isn't impossible, though it may take a bit of work with grep-find to find where a function is called from.
I am happy to answer any questions about them or add features, or fix bugs.

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