Third Release!

The source consists only of It uses white_lines.png and red_lines.png to draw the lines, so put them in the dir you run the executable from.
Build it with whatever you choose, so long as you link it to SDL, SDL_image, and whatever SDL requires.
I build it with the following command line:
g++ -W -Wall -O2 `sdl-config --libs --cflags` -lSDL_image -o new_line_drawer


keysym_to_op_func_ptr[SDLK_INSERT]= &save_ops_performed;
keysym_to_op_func_ptr[SDLK_DELETE]= &load_ops_to_perform;
keysym_to_op_func_ptr[SDLK_PAGEUP]= &save_lines_set;
keysym_to_op_func_ptr[SDLK_PAGEDOWN]= &load_lines_to_set;
keysym_to_op_func_ptr[SDLK_KP1]= &set_and_move;
keysym_to_op_func_ptr[SDLK_KP2]= &set_without_moving;
keysym_to_op_func_ptr[SDLK_KP3]= &move_without_setting;
keysym_to_op_func_ptr[SDLK_KP4]= &turn_left;
keysym_to_op_func_ptr[SDLK_KP5]= &mark_op;
keysym_to_op_func_ptr[SDLK_KP6]= &turn_right;
keysym_to_op_func_ptr[SDLK_KP7]= &triple_next;
keysym_to_op_func_ptr[SDLK_KP8]= &quad_next;
keysym_to_op_func_ptr[SDLK_KP9]= &quin_next;
keysym_to_op_func_ptr[SDLK_END]= &reset;
keysym_to_op_func_ptr[SDLK_HOME]= &toggle_logging;
keysym_to_op_func_ptr[SDLK_ESCAPE]= &exit;

If enough people ask nicely, I'll post a more english-like key description.
Don't worry too much about the interface, I plan on improving it soon, I'm just occupied with putting this site in order right now.
The first finished picture drawn with this is oval_thing.png. The operations list for it is oval_thing_ops.

Usage can be obtained by reading the source, or running it with --help (actually, every unrecognized option will cause it to show the usage)
Some warnings:

It still doesn't echo file names when you type them in to save/load.
There isn't any way to save as in a normal picture format while using yet. Use the -i and -o options.
If you use the -m option to make the marks visible, they will show up on the .bmp created by -o.
You can only save pics as bmps right now. If you want a different format (perhaps because bmps are insanely huge), you'll have to convert them with something.

I'll post more informative help based on questions people ask.

Last updated August 12th 2004 under the threat of people seeing it.

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