I would have direct image links, but then the page would take longer to load.
Burnt colored wave cubes. Wave cubes with a few things done to it.
Colored wave cubes. First coloration of wave cubes.
Colored wave cubes 2. Second coloration of wave cubes.
Eyes. I should probably rotate this.
Face. I needed a new background, and it was midsummer.
Small spinner. A test of whether my drawing type can be used to make pics that spin without using some rotation algorithm.
Small spiralysis. Actually 800x600. I intended to make one twice as big and detailed, but that didn't happen.
Wave cubes. Like its derivations, but not colored. Wave cubes and its derivations should tile seamlessly.

The remaining things were drawn with my drawing tool. It's usable, but not very easy to use, thus the low number of drawings produced with it. Better than working pixel by pixel though.
oval_thing.png Drawn with an older version of my tool.
wavy_sigil.png First thing drawn with the new version of my drawing tool.
flame_sigil.png Second thing.
rose_grid_sigil.png" Third. Took me less than an hour.
mega_flower_colored.png Whee, I love my tool.

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