This is the drawing tool I'm making because none of the drawing tools I have tried have suited my style of drawing.
If you saw my drawings page, I did most of the lines on those pixel by pixel because I insist on precision in my drawings.
Because other drawing tools made the process so painstaking and slow, I started this project to make a tool specialized for my drawing needs.
I am releasing it under the terms of the GNU GPL with the usual warning of there being no warranty.

PNG support added. Now you can save drawings as pngs, without having to take a screenshot.
Docs are still unstarted.

Rewrite is finished.
Lines can now be colored.
It now echoes characters when you enter a file name to save/load.
For now, just read the source to find out how to use it. and environment.hh are the best places to start. I'll write up some docs eventually. Most of the keys on the keyboard are used, and some of them have subtle effects, so plokta won't help much.
The source in the tarball is in its own dir inside the ball, so you don't need to make a new dir for untarring it.
Simply running make should build it. (Also shows the size of all the source files.)
The new version requires SDL_nfnt for echoing typed characters. Some nfnt's are included in the tarball, by default, Eyespy/Eyespy12.nfnt is used. You can change the font used in
SDL_Image is no longer required, the lines are drawn differently now.
The lines are now drawn with special templates. By default, default_line_templates is loaded for the template set to use. The other template files I've made so far are included in the tarball. More template files can be created with the template editor. Don't fool with the template editor without understanding how the templates are created by it and how they're used by line_drawer_4, or you probably won't get the behavior you expect. Docs for it will be written when the feedback counter rises above 3.
Run "line_drawer_4 --help" to get the usage statement, that lists all the command line options. Some options are obsolete, and some might not do what you expect. Look through if the usage doesn't explain the options well enough.

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