There Is No Tomorrow is a game being currently coded by me. It needs encouragement.

Erm, did *another* restart on it. don't ask why. Now I'm writing it in Lua for the Nebula engine Solra is making. (I'm one of the alpha testers, so I have a copy of the engine.)
This time, I have the trading engine working, and the traveling engine mostly working. Tarball: tint.tbz2
Yes I realize that the tarball is useless to those of you who don't have Nebula, but I was uploading the code anyway to show a possible bug in Nebula to Solra. (It jumps out of the middle of a function when it should give a concatenation of nil error.)

Updated January 20th, 2006

Old stuff:

I've done a bit more.
SPOILER WARNING. The next link reveals some parts I am planning for the storyline and gameplay. Read at your own risk.
I have the room loading engine and the room internal engine working together now, all it lacks is collision detection before I start on avatar abilities.
Current source code.

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Updated April 24th, 2005

I've picked it up again.
I made a fresh start, and things are looking good.
The engine for loading rooms needs to be made more type indepent, and I'm working on the engine for moving around inside the room. When it's in reasonable condition, I'll combine the two and check it into CVS.

If you click the link below, you can see the first screenshot. It's 1600x1200.
I'm aiming for it to be a HOASS (Hybrid Of All Side Scrollers (Any suggestions for a better sounding acronym?)). If you know of a feature in another side scroller that isn't here, send me a full description of it and I'll add it.

Last updated June 12th, 2004
If that is more than a week ago, I probably need to be prodded.
If you're wondering, it's had 3 different false starts, each of which went in a different direction before dying.
The screenshot is from the third one, and I haven't done any work on it since then.
I'll resume work on it after I finish my improved drawing tool. I'll probably start from scratch again, not that it makes a difference.
(Feb 15th, 2004)

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