Ah, Xgalaga, the relic from my early days of programming.
This was the first thing I worked on. I spent many hours poring over the codebase trying to improve the structure and make it easier to add features.
I added prizes to the point of them becoming a symptom of creeping featuritis. Okay, outright running featuritis. And not all of them do what I intended.
I grew bored with the simple spreading cannon and added 3 others.
I'm considering resuming work on it for the nth time.
I probably won't though, as resuming work on it would mean merging two disparate sets of improvements from the two extant version I have. I'd also have to fix several performance problems, most notably with the tree cannon. If anyone wants, I can upload both the extant versions I have, which may be significantly different from the version currently available on this site. Unless I am specifically asked, I will not do this though.

There are three new cannons:
1. A cluster cannon
  When a torp from the cluster cannon hits an alien it splits into a number of torps that move in and out in a circle.
2. A wave cannon
  Torps from the wave cannon move back and forth in a sine wave.
3. A tree cannon
  Each frame, each of the torps fired from this cannon will branch into a number of new torps. At its most   powerful, it can resemble a tree.\
  There are no upper limits on the powers of the cannons.

Installation Notes

1. You will need to rebuild the image source, do that by running "./mkimgsrc -c images" from the xgal directory. Ignore the   "Error renaming ./mkimgsrc to ./mkimgsrc.bak: such file or directory Error renaming ./mkimgsrc.out to ./mkimgsrc: No such   file or directory" errors, they are insignificant and will be fixed when I learn shell scripting.
2. After that, check the top of the Imakefile to make sure XGALAGADIR is defined to the directory you are building xgal in. If it is, skip 3. *Note: Sound does not work and I am not interested in making it work, so don't bother defining it.
3. Now, rebuild the makefiles by running "xmkmf -a".
4. Lastly, build the game by running "make". Ignore the "make: *** No rule to make target `', needed by `xgal._man'.   Stop." error, the executable is built before the nonexistent man page so it doesn't matter.
5. If you get "Trouble opening high scores file" you need to change the definition of XGALAGADIR in the Imakefile to   whatever directory the executable is in and rebuild from step 3.

Downloads Screenshots

Patches, suggestions, and screenshots(preferably in png because it's smaller and not lossy) are welcome.

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